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You want your Automation Made Easy!

Automation Made Easy (“AME”) is a Management & Design company whose goal is to design quality equipment to support your manufacturing needs. With “AME”, you are free to choose the level of assistance you need to supplement the abilities and workloads of your staff: from help with concepts and design, to complete project management and system acquisition.

Too many machines are designed solely for the function of producing the product without concern for operator ergonomics, maintenance, durability, and the real cost of the equipment once operating efficiencies are taken into account. “AME” looks at the entire picture, taking into account all of these factors and more. We believe that in the long term, designing for quality reduces costs and increases profitability.

We love challenges and will help you develop concepts and prototypes to find ways to do things that people say “can’t be done”.

Take "AME" and NAIL your next project!